Technical Review Committee

The Technical Review Committee's (TRC) mission is to review, process, and present a comprehensive report to membership on Change Requests submitted to the CMAHC. This role is the foundation of the CMAHC mission and relies on the skills of the Committee's leadership, the technical expertise of its membership, the support of the seven Technical Support Committees, and the willingness of all members to work together to improve the MAHC. The TRC's membership, duties, and responsibilities are summarized below. The committee completes a TRC CR Evaluation form to summarize their review.

CMAHC TRC Chair/Vice-Chair

TRC Chair / Vice Chair Selection

CMAHC's BOD will select the TRC Chair and TRC Vice Chair through an application process. In general, one position will represent industry and the other will represent public health. Both assignments are for the update cycle only.  CMAHC's BOD will select a new Chair/Vice Chair each cycle.

TRC Chair and TRC Vice Chair Qualifications: 
  • Familiarity with the MAHC and the update process and/or have served a prior role/service to the MAHC/CDC, and/or current/former CMAHC member 
  • 5-10 years of experiences working in public health or the aquatics industry
  • Involvement with other organizations (PHTA, NDPA, AOAP)
  • Able to commit to TRC meetings and associated duties 

TRC Chair Duties

  • Organize CRs efficiently for discussion 
  • Develops agenda for each TRC meeting 
  • Assign CRs to Facilitators 
  • Track TRC votes on CRs 
  • Lead TRC meetings 
  • Assist with selection of TRC / TSC members 
  • Present CRs to VOC 
  • Work with TRC members on accurate reporting 

TRC Vice Chair Duties

  • Coordinate with TSCs to ensure reviews are completed 
  • Fill in for chair as necessary 
  • Provide summaries of TRC proceedings 
  • Assist with selection of TRC / TSC members 
  • Assist Chair w/ presenting CRs to VOC 
  • Assist Chair in working with TRC members on accurate reporting 
  • Coordinates with Chair on TRC logistics  

TRC Facilitator

Each Change Request is assigned to a TRC member who will facilitate the TRC discussion of the assigned CR and coordinate with the submitter as needed. 

The TRC Facilitator will conduct technical review and evaluation of CRs, review of supporting documentation and member comments, and present to the TRC.   

Key metrics include:

  • Determining if the CR is well explained, supported, or has a positive/neutral public health impact.

  • Determine if the CR is achievable.

  • Advise the TRC on member comments and how they were addressed.

  • Address minor changes as needed; and if needed, improve CR presentation, e.g., minor word changes, grammar, ensuring use of imperatives, making sure multiple requirements are kept in separate sentences/bullets vs. combining, etc., keeping in mind that minor improvements must not change intent.

  • Address major changes as needed: Broaden or re-focus the proposal using TRC or TSC expertise or member comment to increase how the CR will improve MAHC effectiveness. This is to be done in consultation with the CR submitter. Major changes MUST be approved by the submitter. 
    • If upon consultation, the CR submitter agrees with the TRC “improvement” and/or “re-focus” modifications, then the CR can be posted on the web as CR with approved modifications (the original submission will remain posted but will not be voted on).
    • If the CR submitter does NOT approve the TRC suggested modifications, then the original CR submission will be the version voted on by members. Submitters must be told that not approving the modifications may result in a “No” vote recommendation by the TRC.

  • Provide a complete account of CR discussion, TSC reviews, TRC voting recommendations, and any modifications through an evaluation form.