MAHC Research Agenda

The CMAHC works with public health officials, aquatics sector professionals, and academic experts to develop, prioritize, and find funding solutions for research needed to improve the MAHC. The research agenda is prioritized based on the ability to obtain achievable results and quick wins to improve the MAHC. The resulting MAHC research agenda is prioritized into three tiers (short, medium, or long-term) of research projects based on how long it may take to gather results and effect change in the MAHC.

Some CMAHC Committees may identify research gaps that require the Committee to develop a research plan and seek external funding to fill the identified data gap. Under these circumstances, the CMAHC’s indirect cost rate (budgeted indirect costs/budgeted total direct costs) that will be awarded in a grant or contract budget is set at a maximum of 10%. Externally-raised funds administered by the CMAHC are assessed a 3% administrative cost to cover internal CMAHC costs.