CMAHC Committees

Develop Change Requests or collect foundational data and information needed for developing Change Requests on important issues that the membership have identified. 

Develop and oversee solutions to long-term CMAHC needs. Some Standing Committees suggest updates to the MAHC Annex and identify key areas or new technologies for CMAHC discussion. 

Review submitted Change Requests (CRs) including the technical/scientific data or other references submitted to support the proposed change, as well as if the CR meets CDC MAHC style and scope guidance. The TRC is assisted in their reviews by seven Technical Support Committees. 

Key components in the Change Request review process; examines the technical merit of CRs including existing technologies and methodologies, scientific information gaps, and outlines data needed to support MAHC revisions.

For a full listing of our current cycle's TRC and TSC members, click here