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The CMAHC is a self-supporting, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It relies on members and sponsors who recognize the benefits of the Model Aquatic Health Code as open-access guidance based on science and best practices that can improve the health and safety of aquatics. We seek support from organizations and individuals who share the mission of promoting aquatic health, safety, and recreation.

Individual and organizational sponsorships and donations allow the CMAHC to promote the use of the MAHC and meet MAHC-user and CMAHC member needs. Sponsorships and membership dues support the CMAHC to partner with the CDC to:

  • Keep the MAHC up-to-date based on the latest science and best practices
  • Advocating for improved health and safety at aquatic facilities
  • Promote voluntary adoption of the MAHC by state and local health departments
  • Educate stakeholders about the MAHC and its potential to help ensure a healthy and safe swimming experience for everyone
  • Coordinate and prioritize research needs to inform updates to the MAHC Serve as the technical and scientific focal point for subject matter experts to collect, analyze, and review the latest data and best practices to address key health and safety issues
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