Our Mission & Vision


An up-to-date, knowledge-based Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) that supports healthy and safe aquatic experiences for everyone and is used by pool programs across the U.S.


CMAHC works to achieve this vision by:

  • Collecting, assessing, and relaying national input on needed MAHC revisions back to CDC for final consideration for acceptance
  • Advocating for improved health and safety at aquatic facilities
  • Providing assistance to health departments, boards of health, legislatures, and other partners on MAHC uses, benefits, adoption, and implementation
  • Providing assistance to the aquatics industry on uses, interpretation, and benefits of the MAHC
  • Soliciting, coordinating, and prioritizing MAHC research needs
  • Serving as the technical and scientific focal point for subject matter experts to collect, analyze, and review the latest data and best practices to address key health and safety issues

How does the CMAHC vision translate? It means:

  • Public pools, waterparks, and spas are available in every community. These aquatic facilities are well-operated and they remain open following public health inspections.
  • Everyone knows how to swim.
  • Everyone enjoys the health, social, and family benefits of aquatics.
  • Everyone has healthy and safe experiences. That means improving swimmer ability, knowledge, and hygiene and, with well-trained pool operators/lifeguards, and other staff, we see reductions in drowning, chemical-related and other injuries, and disease outbreaks.

Our Pledge to Members, Sponsors, Partners, and Swimmers

  • To lead and operate the CMAHC with integrity, transparency, and sound financial stewardship.
  • To provide an environment for members and partners to be heard, communicate, and contribute to improved aquatics.
  • To base all aquatics decisions on the highest quality of scientific data and best practices.
  • To place the benefits to swimmer health and safety above the benefits to the CMAHC, members, sponsors, and partners.
  • To treat members, sponsors, and partners with dignity, respect, and honesty.

CMAHC Bylaws

To view the CMAHC Bylaws, click here