Tools and Forms

Tools and Forms

This page contains tools and forms used for MAHC use and CMAHC operations.

Search the MAHC Tool

The CMAHC Search the MAHC tool enables public health officials and the aquatics sector to rapidly search the MAHC by section number or keyword. The search tool can search by the MAHC Edition desired and shows both the Code language and any associated Annex language.

CMAHC Change Request Form

CRs are used by CMAHC members or the general public to submit suggested changes to the MAHC for technical review and membership vote at the CMAHC Vote on the Code Triennial Conference. All CR submissions and affiliations are CMAHC record and will be posted on the CMAHC member website for members and the public to view. Before submitting suggested edits to the MAHC, check the MAHC Principles and Style Guidance reference to ensure you are not changing standard aspects of the MAHC that CDC has determined are necessary for long-term consistency with the MAHC.

Submit CMAHC Change Request

MAHC Change Request Member Comment

Once Change Requests (CR) have been submitted, Members should open the specific CR they want to comment about and click on the “Submit Comment” box to type a comment and have it automatically posted for viewing. CMAHC member comments on proposed Change Requests (CR) should strengthen the technical review and inform pro or con arguments. The comment process allows Members to make suggested edits or improvements to the CR wording, or additional information/materials/ rationale that will help support or refute the CR. Comments should include pertinent information or data for decision-making rather than simple votes of support or lack of support. All comments and affiliations are CMAHC record and are posted on the CMAHC member website for members and the public to view.

CMAHC Technical Review and Support Committees Membership Application

Please submit a completed application to [email protected].

CMAHC TRC and TSC Membership Application Form

MAHC Network, Tools, and Forms

MAHC Network, Tools, and Forms

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