Why a Dip in the Pool Can't Replace Bath Time: A Summer Hygiene Debate

Summer days have us all feeling the heat, and while the pool is a great way to cool off, it's important not to let the excitement of swimming overshadow the need for proper hygiene. Recently, a viral post by Colorado mom Neely Gracey sparked a lively debate about whether 'the pool counts as a bath' during the summer months. Some parents supported Gracey's humorous take, while others voiced concerns about hygiene and pool water safety.

Experts weighed in on the discussion, emphasizing the need for proper bathing even during summer fun. Jared Friedman, MD, a board-certified pediatrician, stated that swimming should not replace a proper bath or shower, particularly stressing the importance of showering before entering a pool to reduce the risk of waterborne illnesses. Dewey Case from the Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code highlighted the need to rinse off chlorine and sweat post-swim to prevent skin irritation. Proper hygiene remains crucial, even in the lazy days of summer.

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