Call for CMAHC Ad Hoc Committee Members

Volunteers Needed for Ad Hoc Committee Positions - Applications due by June 9, 2023 

The Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code (CMAHC) is seeking volunteers for the following ad hoc committees:
·     Sunshelves Ad Hoc Committee: This committee will work to further refine the aspects of the MAHC relevant to sunshelves and determine if any additional Change Requests (CRs) are needed to improve guidance to the design, construction, and safety of sunshelves. 
·     Pass Through Splash Pads: This Ad Hoc committee will examine the sections of the MAHC relevant to interactive water features and determine if CRs are needed to improve code language for the design, construction, operation, and safety of pass through splash pads. 
·     Tall (Diving) Platforms: This Ad Hoc committee will review the MAHC and submit needed CRs to address Tall (Diving) Platforms. 
How to Apply: Only CMAHC members are eligible to serve on CMAHC committees. To apply to be an adhoc committee member, click here. The deadline to submit an application is Friday, June 9. If you are not a current CMAHC member but would like to serve on a committee, click here to learn more about joining CMAHC.
About Ad Hoc Committees: Ad Hoc Technical Committees are set up to develop Change Requests for important issues that the membership have identified or to work on submitted Change Requests that may not have passed but still have technical merit that deserves more time for development of the proposal and gathering the supporting documentation. Ad Hoc Committees are generally disbanded once they deliver a requested product. 

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