Venue Recirculation and Treatment Design


Detailed scaled and dimensional drawings for each individual AQUATIC VENUE shall contain a flow diagram showing the location, plan, elevation, and schematics of: 1) Filters, 2) Pumps, 3) Chemical feeders and interlocks 4) Chemical controllers and interlocks, 5) Secondary disinfection systems, if required, 6) Supplementary disinfection systems, if installed, 7) Ventilation devices or AIR HANDLING SYSTEMS, 8) Heaters, 9) Surge tanks, including operating levels, 10) BACKFLOW prevention assemblies and air gaps, 11) Valves, 12) Piping, 13) Flow meters, 14) Gauges, 15) Thermometers, 16) Test cocks, 17) Sight glasses, and 18) Drainage system for the disposal of AQUATIC VENUE water and filter wastewater.

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