Chemical Feed Pump Sizing


Further data collection on CHLORINE usage in real world AQUATIC VENUE situations under different environmental and operational conditions could be used to develop an effective rate law from which the sizing of chemical feed pumps could then be calculated.31, 32 The criteria for specifying a chemical feed pump for an AQUATIC VENUE are based on its ability to feed against the process piping pressure and to provide sufficient feed rate to maintain a disinfectant residual in the water. Several states require chemical feed pumps for CHLORINE to be capable of providing up to 10 PPM of CHLORINE in the pipe returning water from the RECIRCULATION SYSTEM back to the POOL. Once actual CHLORINE usage is obtained, a surplus SAFETY factor could be introduced to slightly oversize the feed pump to ensure that the disinfectant dosing amount can be increased to meet increases in demand. Any such sizing requirements need to specify the timeframe within which the pump must be able to satisfy the CHLORINE dosing required.

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