Caucus Membership and Sector Explanation

As part of the CMAHC conference, four sector-based caucus groups are created:

  • Public Health (Federal, State, Local)
  • Designer/Builder
  • Management/Staff/Consumer
  • Supplier/Manufacturer/Consumer Protection Groups/Academia

Each caucus group has multiple scheduled opportunities throughout the conference to caucus amongst themselves and discuss the submitted Change Requests and corresponding Technical Review Committee (TRC) recommendations, proposed changes, and voting strategy. Each caucus group can then discuss their thoughts in the conference open session, submit member comment(s) to influence the voting process, or both. 

Member Sector Explanations

When registering as a CMAHC Member, the membership selection is important since it determines your voting sector and caucus membership at the conference.

NOTE: If you are a public health, oversight/regulation, or aquatics retiree, select the sector you retired from and put “Retiree” and “Name/Type of Organization” from which you retired in the appropriate “Organization” box.

  • Aquatics Builder: Those primarily involved in constructing aquatic facilities.

  • Aquatics Design: Those primarily involved in designing aquatic facilities.

  • Aquatics Management: Those who own or are directly involved in the high level supervision or operation of an aquatic venue

  • Aquatics Service Professional: Those who primarily provide construction, repair, and maintenance services to residential and commercial pools, spas, and other aquatic venues.

  • Aquatics Staff: Those who work at aquatic venues whose daily duties include mid-level are lower roles (ex:  Lifeguards, Head Lifeguards, Supervisors, Pool Operators, Maintenance Personnel) but are not considered high-level management roles.

  • Public Health: State, state designees, local, and federal health government officials involved in guiding, regulating, and inspecting public and semi public aquatic facilities.

  • Consumer: Those who use public and semi public aquatic venues for exercise or recreational swimming.