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Voting and Weighting

CMAHC Member Voting

Weighting of CMHAC member votes

CMAHC member voting on Change Requests is split by sector according to the Figure. Member voting is weighted according to sector to ensure that the public health benefits of a change are paramount when deciding on a change to the MAHC. The weighting will ensure that the public health sector, which will always be smaller than the aquatics sector, is not overwhelmed by the greater number of aquatics sector members. NOTE: The aquatics sector voting was originally subdivided and weighted by manufacturer (10%), designer/builder (20%), and operator (20%). Based on member feedback, the CMAHC Board of Directors eliminated the weighting within the aquatics sector in November 2016 so the weighting was simplified to that shown in the figure. Based on member feedback, the CMAHC Board decided that a “Pass” vote should receive over 60% of the vote starting with the 2020 Conference. This change is intended to reduce the controversy created by CRs receiving only 50-59.9% of the vote and will require the submitter and CMAHC membership to take additional time to discuss the CR and potentially gather more data and analyses to support the CR being re-submitted.

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