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This page includes MAHC presentations sponsored by the CMAHC as part of conferences or webinars, organized by date. The page also includes CMAHC meetings and/or consultations that could be of interest to members. These are offered to give readers an opportunity to learn more about the MAHC and CMAHC development, process, organization, and progress.

CMAHC has partnered with NACCHO to produce a series of webinars on a variety of MAHC related topics. They occur every other month and can be viewed on the NACCHO website.

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Key Concepts Influencing Lifeguarding Staffing Plans

Technical aspects of the MAHC’s lifeguarding provisions using visual aides to show factors affecting surveillance, such as blind spots, glare and rotation procedures, and integration into a facility's Aquatic Safety Plan.

Doug Sackett, MAHC Director, NYS Dept of Health-Retired

Roy Fielding, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Richard A. Carroll, Sr. VP, Jeff Ellis & Associates, Inc

Secondary Disinfection

Why secondary disinfection systems are needed for increased risk aquatic venues, review of the design principles and sizing calculations, and how to verify a UV and ozone system is operating properly.

Doug Sackett, MAHC Director, NYS Dept of Health-Retired

Beth Hamil, VP, Del Ozone, San Luis Obispo, CA

Tom Schaefer, Sales Director, atg UV Technology, Manchester, UK

Adding to Our Healthy and Safe Swimming Arsenal

Tools the MAHC provides for both inspectors and operators including risk-based inspection procedures, daily operational checklists, inspection forms, MAHC surveillance system, and more.

CDR Jasen Kunz, MPH, REHS, Environmental Health Officer, Environmental Health Services Branch, CDC

Michele Hlavsa, RN, MPH, Chief, Healthy Swimming Program, Waterborne Disease Prevention Branch, CDC

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