Filtration Flow Rate


The particle contamination burden determines the filtration flow rate for a given AQUATIC FACILITY. It is not possible to predict the particle contamination burden for every individual AQUATIC VENUE because the sources will likely vary significantly from one AQUATIC FACILITY to another. However, it is important to understand the upper limit of particle contamination to provide information for filtration designs. If the upper limit of the particle contamination burden is known, then it should be possible for the designer to specify a filtration system that can handle the maximum particle burden and ensure that water turbidity does not increase above an allowable or desirable level. Essentially, the RECIRCULATION SYSTEM needs to be designed to remove particles at least at the same rate at which they are being added by the environment (e.g., windblown and settling dust), BATHERS (e.g., personal care products, body excretions), and other sources.

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