The annex is provided to: 1) Give further explanations of why certain recommendations are made; 2) Discuss rationale for making the MAHC content decisions; 3) Provide a discussion of the scientific basis for selecting certain criteria, as well as discuss why other scientific data may not have been selected, e.g. due to data inconsistencies; 4) State areas where additional research may be needed; 5) Discuss and explain terminology used; and 6) Provide additional material that may not have been appropriately placed in the main body of suggested MAHC recommendations. This would include summaries of scientific studies, charts, graphs, or other illustrative materials.


The annex is provided as a supplement to the code; thus, the annex material is not intended to be interpreted or enforced as model code in order to keep future laws or other requirements based on the MAHC straightforward. However, the annex is provided specifically to assist users in understanding the intent behind code provisions and applying the provisions uniformly and effectively.

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