Sector Agreement


The aquatics sector and public health officials recognize the value in uniform, consensus guidance created by multi-sector discussion and agreement – both for getting the best possible information and gaining sector acceptance. Since most public AQUATIC FACILITIES are already regulated, the MAHC is intended to be guidance to assist, strengthen, and streamline resource use by state and local code officials or legislatures that already regulate AQUATIC FACILITIES but need to regularly update and improve their AQUATIC FACILITY oversight and regulation. Uniform, consensus guidance using the latest science and best practices helps all public sectors, including businesses and consumers, resulting in the best product and experiences. In addition, the MAHC’s combination of performance-based and prescriptive recommendations gives AQUATIC FACILITIES freedom to use innovative approaches to achieve acceptable results. However, AQUATIC FACILITIES must ensure that these recommendations are still being met, whatever the approach may be, although innovation should be encouraged to achieve outlined performance-based requirements.


The aquatics sector and public health officials have long recognized the advantages of well-written, scientifically sound, and up-to-date model guidance. Industry acceptance of procedures and practices is far more likely where regulatory officials "speak with one voice" about * What is required to protect the public health, * Why it is important, and * Which alternatives for compliance may be accepted. Model guidance provides * A guide for use in establishing what is required, * Businesses with accepted guidance STANDARDS that can be applied to training and quality assurance programs, and * Local, state, and federal governmental bodies help with developing or updating their own CODES.

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